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What could be better than painting?  From the smell of the paint, the vibrant or muted colors, the gesture and sweep of the brush to the magic of a blank canvas or sheet of paper gradually transforming into a miniature world,  painting is exciting and engaging on many levels, physical, intellectual, and emotional. I particularly enjoy painting from life, whether venturing en plein air or depicting an interior or still life in my house or studio. The changes of season and weather create inexhaustible subjects in the landscape, while  rearrangement of favorite objects provides variety of forms and colors in still life painting.  While painting outdoors, I immerse myself in the sounds, light, color, scent, feel of the sun or breeze, all of which add to the emotional involvement I hope to reflect in my painting.

I work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and collage. My newest love is printmaking, though I am a neophyte for sure. My  style is based in representation but occasionally veers to abstract.  My art has been praised for its versatility, its gestural style and sense of rhythm and movement in the composition, as well as my experimentation with unusual color palettes.

My love of the landscape began in early childhood, growing up in the country until school started and then spending weekends and summers in Harford County or New Hampshire.  We were always outside, wandering and exploring the woods, fields, and streams.  When I paint a scene that has caught my attention, perhaps because of the play of light or the beauty of the composition, I attempt to capture and preserve its essence. Of course I fail, as no painting can adequately represent nature in its full glory, and yet the very process of painting it internalizes it, makes it a part of me, and transforms it into something lovely in its own right.  The outer reality becomes an inner vision which becomes a new outer reality.

While not painting, I spend a great deal of time studying other artists’ work, and am particularly interested in German Expressionists such as August Macke, Gabriele Munter, and Max Beckmann.  Other favorite artists include Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse, but I find that there are very few artists I don’t admire in some way, and I relish the boundless revelation of expression and new ideas in their art. I look forward to continuing to branch out in my own work, inspired by their example.





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