Stumbling Back, part 1

I never thought, when my Mother fell and broke her hip nearly two years ago, that I would have to take such a long break from working.  One of my friends recently lamented having fallen off my blog email list, since she no longer received notifications of new work. This spurred me to get off my duff, but of course the longer the lapse, the harder to come back.  Inertia, borne of lack of practice, fear, and apathy, seems to take over.

To regain the habit of working, I find it helpful to take classes or workshops. In spring 2015 I ventured north for Watercolor Monotypes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, then spent a week in July at my favorite summer workshop location, Wildacres on the Blue Ridge in North Carolina, where the Ringling School of Art and Design holds week-long programs.  The class in Watercolor with Dwight Rose was wonderful and sparked my interest in the medium again, so I followed up with a watercolor class in the fall.

Reach for the Sky smBare ruined choirs sm

I painted these two watercolors looking over the Blue Ridge mountains.  I used an easel instead of keeping the paper relatively flat, so there are some nice drippy areas in the trees. Top: Reach for the Sky, Lower: Bare Ruined Choirs.

Reflections on the Ebbing Tide smReflections on an Ebbing Tide, painted from a photo I took on the Outer Hebrides.

QuixoticQuixotic, from a photo taken in Spain.

Greek tourist boat sm

Tourist Boat,  from a photo in Napflio, Greece

Cloudglow final sm2

Cloudglow, downtown Baltimore on a summer evening.  The photo unfortunately doesn’t do a good job of representing the painting–the color just won’t adjust correctly with the limited tools I have.

Taos Pueblo 8 x 10Taos Pueblo, from a photo I took on our New Mexico trip.

Golden AfternoonLast one, painted in Fall 2015.  I can’t think of a decent title–any suggestions?

Despite having bought a ton of watercolor paper, I haven’t done any more recently, but I have been painting a lot in other mediums.  Watch for a follow-up soon!


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