Messing about with Paint

Being short of boats to mess about in, I have had to make do with paint. When I’m feeling stressed or just want to warm up after not painting for awhile, I’ll often pull out an old painting or a study and rework it.  I don’t feel worried about how it will turn out, since it wasn’t going anywhere to begin with.  Sometimes they turn out:

Sunflower Bouquet in Brown Pot sm Sunflower Bouquet in White Pot sm

(These were originally black and white studies done in a class last winter.)

sometimes I’m not sure:


(a watercolor slightly cropped and matted)

and sometimes they are, in fact, a mess:

Stepping Out paint mess

(This began as a collage of drawings from my Extrapolations class:

Stepping Out Stepping Out washdown

which I painted somewhat like the image on the right (no photo), then altered to the “mess” above.  I really didn’t like it and wiped it back down to the image on the right, which I may or may not play with more sometime. They can’t all turn out.

By the way—this painting was one that I reworked and then modified somewhat after your helpful comments—here’s the modified version:

Eastern Shore Farmstead 8 x 10

And if you haven’t looked at my website in awhile, I’ve been slowly updating it, so it’s worth taking another look.

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