What about the orange?

One of the things I like about printmaking is that, perhaps because it is new to me, I feel able to experiment more and try slightly wacky things.Wacky to me, that is–there are much more adventurous artists around, but I seem to dip my toe very carefully into unfamiliar waters.  I took a break from prints yesterday in order to finish a couple of oil paintings, one of which I began last summer on the Eastern Shore (MD).  I painted over it with brighter colors and I’m pleased with the result–though I’m not really sure about the orange–is it too much?  Too bright?  Orange is actually one of my least favorite colors, and yet I find I use it more and more, liking the brightness and boldness that I think most other colors don’t achieve–except perhaps for shocking pink.  What do you think?  Comments welcome.

Feel free to suggest a better title, too!

Eastern Shore Farmstead.  Feel free to suggest a better title!

4 thoughts on “What about the orange?

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