Starting an art blog

The first big question was why have an art blog at all.  Isn’t it a bit pretentious to think anyone might be interested in what I have to say about art? Will people laugh and criticize my writing errors or the shallowness of my reflections? I already have a website to show my finished work–isn’t that enough?

I decided to go ahead because I wanted somewhere to organize my thoughts and talk about my experiments and struggles, rather than just show the results, the product of said struggles.  After posting some of my art on Facebook, I felt frustrated by the randomness of who sees the posts, people who are interested and those who are not (but who no doubt feel compelled to click “like” even if they don’t like what they see!), and how scattered the posts are.  Here I can write and keep all my posts together and in chronological order.

The second big question was what to call the blog. Artful blogger came immediately to mind…taken already, of course.  Okay, how about MagnaArta? Nah, too pretentious, and would everyone “get it?”  MangoArta?–getting silly.  Art Reflections, ArtStrings, all taken.  I wanted to get across that I’m just writing about my thoughts while creating art rather than anything deep and universal, something introspective…Artrospective?  Taken!  Finally I thought of adding the s….Bingo.

So here we are, and now the big question is, “What do I write?” (and can I keep this up?).  Stay tuned.

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